Head of the Centre: Prof. Blahoslav Marsalek, Ph.D.
Deputy head of the Centre: Pavel Babica, Ph.D.
Section activities: management and coordination of the CCT activities, international relationship

Section of cyanotoxins

Head of the section: Pavel Babica, Ph.D.
Section activities: cyanotoxins analyses, effect of cyanotoxins on other organisms

Section of technology

Head of the section: Prof. Blahoslav Marsalek, Ph.D.
Section activities: prevention, management of cyanobacterial blooms, development, comparison and application of technologies for cyanobacterial blooms reduction, development of screening methods for the detection of cyanobacteria

Section of cyanobacterial biology and autecology

Section activities: autecology of cyanobacterial blooms, taxonomic expertises, microscopic evaluation, bioindication, biological interaction in aquatic ecosystems

Section of popularisation and ecological education

Head of the section: Eliska Marsalkova, Ph.D.
Section activities: cyanobacteria issue popularization, workshops and courses for professionals, films, leaflets and information materials for general public and schools 




External co-workers and cooperating organizations                             

  • Jakub Borovec, Ph.D. (HBU AV CR, Ceske Budejovice) - TECH                                    
  • Assoc. Prof. Ing. Petr Dolejs, CSc. (W&ET Team) - TECH                                                
  • Rodan Geris, M.Sc. - TAX                                       
  • Ing. Josef Hejzlar, CSc. (HBU AV CR, Ceske Budejovice) - TECH                                     
  • Dr. Edgar Jungo (Jungo Engineering Ltd., Zuerich, Switzerland) - TECH                                       
  • Assoc. Prof.  Stanislav Navratil, CSc. (VFU Brno) - CYA                                       
  • Miloslava Palikova, Ph.D. (VFU Brno) - CYA                                    
  • Jan Pokorny, CSc. (ENKI, o.p.s., Trebon) - TECH                                        
  • Dr. Petr Vagner (KHS Hradec Kralove) - TAX                                       
  • ASIO Ltd., Brno                                       
  • Photon System Instruments Ltd., Brno                                       
  • Pöyry Environment a.s., Brno        



CYA = section of cyanotoxins, TECH = section of technology , TAX = section of cyanobacterial autecology and biology, POP = section of popularization and ecological education, SEC = secretariate