Staff of the CCT is interested in activities from the field of cyanobacterial autecology and ecotoxicology including all aspects of research work. Our research is focused mainly on finding of new methods for cyanobacterial bloom reduction and the detection of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in environmental samples. Within the scope of grant project investigation several laboratory experiments as well as field studies have been performed, results of which have been published in scientific journals.

In addition to their scientific activities, some CCT members are also active as lecturers on the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University Brno and on the Department of Botany of the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague.

One of CCT aims is popularization of topics associated with cyanobacteria. The CCT cooperates with public authorities and other organizations in production of leaflets, posters and other materials. It also organizes courses and lectures and periodically, every second year, national conference "CYANOBACTERIA" is being held.