M.Sc. Ondřej Adamovský, Ph.D.

M.Sc. Ondřej Adamovský, Ph.D.


  • analytical determination of cyanotoxins
  • ecotoxicology of cyanotoxins in the aquatic environment




  • M.Sc. in Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry and Biology (Faculty of Science, Masaryk University Brno, 2005)

Selected publications:

  • Jonas, A., Scholz, S., Fetter, E., Sychrova, E., Novakova, K., Ortmann, J., Benisek, M., Adamovsky, O., Giesy, J.P., Hilscherova, K. (2014): Endocrine, teratogenic and neurotoxic effects of cyanobacteria detected by cellular in vitro and zebrafish embryos assays. Chemosphere 120: 321-327.
  • Blahova, L., Adamovsky, O., Kubala, L., Svihalkova Sindlerova, L., Zounkova, R., Blaha, L. (2013): The isolation and characterization of lipopolysaccharides from Microcystis aeruginosa, a prominent toxic water bloom forming cyanobacteria. Toxicon 76: 187-196.
  • Kopp, R., Palikova, M., Adamovsky, O., Zikova, A., Navratil, S., Kohoutek, J., Mares, J., Blaha, L. (2013): Concentrations of microcystins in tissues of several fish species from freshwater reservoirs and ponds. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185(12): 9717-9727.
  • Novakova, K., Kohoutek, J., Adamovsky, O., Brack, W., Krauss, M., Blaha, L. (2013): Novel metabolites in cyanobacterium Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii with potencies to inhibit gap junctional intercellular communication. Journal of Hazardous Materials 262: 571-579.
  • Palikova, M., Ondrackova, P., Mares, J., Adamovsky, O., Pikula, J., Kohoutek, J., Navratil, S., Blaha, L., Kopp, R. (2013): In vivo effects of microcystins and complex cyanobacterial biomass on rats (Rattus norvegicus var. alba): Changes in immunological and haematological parameters. Toxicon 73: 1-8.
  • Adamovsky, O., Palikova, M., Ondrackova, P., Zikova, A., Kopp, R., Mares, J., Pikula, J., Paskerova, H., Kohoutek J., Blaha, L. (2013): Biochemical and histopathological responses of Wistar rats to oral intake of microcystins and cyanobacterial biomass. Neuroendocrinology Letters 34(S2): 11-20.
  • Palikova, M., Adamovsky, O., Blaha, L., Mares, J., Kopp, R., Navratil, L., Cutakova, Z., Soukupova, Z., Pikula, J. (2013): Fish tapeworm Khawia sinensis: an indicator of environmental microcystins? Neuroendocrinology Letters 34(S2): 101-104.
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  • Kohoutek, J., Adamovsky, O., Oravec, M., Simek, Z., Palikova, M., Kopp, R., Blaha, L. (2010): LC-MS analyses of microcystins in fish tissues overestimate toxin levels-critical comparison with LC-MS/MS. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 398(3): 1231-1237.
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  • Blahova, L., Babica, P., Adamovsky, O., Kohoutek, J., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2008): Analyses of cyanobacterial toxins (microcystins, cylindrospermopsin) in the reservoirs of the Czech Republic and evaluation of health risks. Environmental Chemistry Letters 6(4): 223-227.
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