Assoc. Prof. Luděk Bláha, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Luděk Bláha, Ph.D.
  • deputy head of the Centre for Cyanobacteria and Their Toxins
  • associated professor at RECETOX, Masaryk University




  • analyses and ecotoxicology of cyanobacterial metabolites
  • ecotoxicology and toxicology of the aquatic environment
  • biochemical mechanisms and in vitro effects of xenobiotics including cyanotoxins


  • Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry (Fac. of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, 1999)
  • Habilitation/promotion - associated professor (Masaryk University, Brno, 2005)

Other activities and awards:

  • Award of the Czech Academy of Sciences (2007) for young scientists „Cyanobacterial water blooms and cyanotoxins in the Czech Republic“
  • Member of Editorial boards of Chemosphere, Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • Member of SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), ACS (American Chemical Society), Czech-Slovak Society of Microbiology
  • International experiences: Michigan State University, MI, USA (2004-6), National Water Research Institute, Burlington, Canada (1998)

Selected publications:

International scientific journals:

  • Novakova, K., Blaha, L., Babica, P. (2012): Tumor promoting effects of cyanobacterial extracts are potentiated by anthropogenic contaminants – evidence from in vitro study. Chemosphere 89(1): 30-37.
  • Bartova, K., Hilscherova, K., Babica, P., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2011): Effects of microcystin and complex cyanobacterial samples on growth and oxidative stress paramaters in green alga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata and comparison with the effects of model oxidative stressor, herbicide paraquat. Environmental Toxicology 26(6): 641-648.
  • Bartova, K., Hilscherova, K., Babica, P., Marsalek, B. (2011): Extract of Microcystis water bloom affects cellular differentiation in filamentous cyanobacterium Trichormus variabilis (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria). Journal of Applied Phycology 23(6): 967-973.
  • Novakova, K., Babica, P., Adamovsky, O., Blaha, L. (2011): Modulation of gap-junctional intercellular communication by a series of cyanobacterial samples from nature and laboratory cultures. Toxicon 58(1): 76-84.
  • Blahova, L., Oravec, M., Marsalek, B., Sejnohova, L., Simek, Z., Blaha, L. (2009): The first occurrence of the cyanobacterial alkaloid toxin cylindrospermopsin in the Czech Republic as determined by immunochemical and LC/MS methods. Toxicon 53(5): 519-524.
  • Haeba, M.H., Hilscherova, K., Mazurova, E., Blaha, L. (2008): Selected endocrine disrupting compounds (vinclozolin, flutamide, ketoconazole and dicofol): Effects on survival, occurrence of males, growth, molting and reproduction of Daphnia magna. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 15(3): 222-227.
  • Blahova, L., Babica, P., Adamovsky, O., Kohoutek, J., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2008): Analyses of cyanobacterial toxins (microcystins, cylindrospermopsin) in the reservoirs of the Czech Republic and evaluation of health risks. Environmental Chemistry Letters 6(4): 223-227.
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  • Kohoutek, J., Babica, P., Blaha, L., Marsalek, B. (2008): A novel approach for monitoring of cyanobacterial toxins - development and evaluation of the passive sampler for microcystins. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 390(4): 1167-1172.
  • Bernardova, K., Babica, P., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2008): Isolation and endotoxin activities of lipopolysaccharides from cyanobacterial cultures and complex water blooms and comparison with the effects of heterotrophic bacteria and green alga. Journal of Applied Toxicology 28(1): 72-77.
  • Palikova, M., Rabova, M., Krejci, R., Navratil, S., Blaha, L. (2007): Chromosomal aberrations in early embryos of weatherfish (Misgurnus fossilis L.) exposed to crude cyanobacterial extract and semipurified compound of microcystins - a pilot study. Acta Veterinaria Brno 76(Suppl. 8): S55-S60.
  • Adamovsky, O., Kopp, R., Hilscherova, K., Babica, P., Palikova, M., Paskova, V., Navratil, S., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2007): Microcystin kinetics (bioaccumulation, elimination) and biochemical responses in common carp and silver carp exposed to toxic cyanobacterial blooms. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(12): 2687-2693.
  • Blahova, L., Babica, P., Marsalkova, E., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2007): Concentrations and seasonal trends of extracellular microcystins in freshwaters of the Czech Republic - results of the national monitoring program. CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water 35(4): 348-354.
  • Zounkova, R., Odraska, P., Dolezalova, L., Hilscherova K., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2007): Ecotoxicity and genotoxicity assessment of cytostatic pharmaceuticals. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(10): 2208-2214.
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Other publications:

  • Hollert, H., Duerr, M., Haag, I., Wolz, J., Hilscherova, K., Blaha, L., Gerbersdorf, S. (2007): Influence of hydrodynamics on sediment ecotoxicity. In Sediment dynamics and pollutant mobility in rivers - interdisciplinary approach, Bernhard Westrich and Ulrich Förstner (eds.). Springer-Verlag Berlin, ISBN: 978-3-540-34782-8; Heidelberg, New York, pp. 401-413.
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