Lucie Straková, Ph.D.

Lucie Straková, Ph.D.


  • phytoplankton taxonomy




  • Ing. in agroecology (FA, Mendel University Brno, 2006)
  • Ph.D. studies in special animal engineering (fishery and hydrobiology) (Mendel University Brno, 2006 up to now)

Selected publications:

  • Jancula, D., Strakova, L., Sadilek, J., Marsalek, B., Babica, P. (2014): Survey of cyanobacterial toxins in Czech water reservoirs - the first observation of neurotoxic saxitoxins. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21(13): 8006-8015.
  • Strakova, L., Kopp, R., Zikova, A. (2007): Planed dynamic phytoplankton community and water chemistry Plumlov and Brno reservoir. In: Skarpa, P., Ryant, P., Cerkal, R. MendelNet'07 Agro. Brno, MZLU Brno, s. 82 (ISBN 978-80-7375-119-7)

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