Eliška Maršálková, Ph.D.

Eliška Maršálková, Ph.D.


  • hydrochemistry
  • popularization



phone:+420 530 506 748


  • Ing. (Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, 1989)
  • Ph.D. (Czech Technical University, 2000)


Selected publications:

  • Lukes, P., Clupek, M., Babicky, V., Spetlikova, E., Sisrova, I., Marsalkova, E., Marsalek, B. (2013): High power DC diaphragm discharge excited in a vapor bubble for the treatment of water. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 33(1 ): 83-95.
  • Marsalek, B., Jancula, D., Marsalkova, E., Mashlan, M., Safarova, K., Tucek, J., Zboril, R. (2012): Multimodal action and selective toxicity of zerovalent iron nanoparticles against cyanobacteria. Environmental Science and Technology 46(4): 2316-2323.
  • Jancula, D., Marsalkova, E., Marsalek, B. (2011): Organic flocculants for the removal of phytoplankton biomass. Aquaculture International 19(6): 1207-1216.
  • Marsalkova, E., Mala, J. (2009): Effect of solidification on leachability of trace metals from ashes and ecotoxicity of leachates. Chemicke Listy 103(7): 595-598.
  • Blahova, L., Babica, P., Marsalkova, E., Smutna, M., Marsalek, B., Blaha, L. (2007): Concentrations and seasonal trends of extracellular microcystins in freshwaters of the Czech Republic - results of the national monitoring program. CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water 35(4): 348-354.


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